Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Woodsock Life...

Here is my Summer recap. I will refrain from boring you guys, as I am sure you all are having an amazing time wherever you all are!

It's been a complete [psychedelic] experience out here (minus the massive consumptions of hallucinogens). Just about every corner you take and every person you meet out here at Byrdcliffe is some gifted individual; hence, it being an "Arts Colony." However, don't be fooled, this place has its share of wacky characters.

Annika and Layla

In the above pictures we have the Maestros of film from Selva Rica. Layla is a singer/song writer as well as an actress. The three of them have made this summer internship in Woodstock possible and a great learning experience. 


Here we have The Team. Kellie and I have been working diligently to learn all we can about film making. During Annika's roaring 20's bday party, we got a chance to show off our camera skills! (Video below)

Dire Honeys at Byrdcliffe from Selva Rica on Vimeo.
Also! Here is another one of our early videos. I hope we've come a long way from this. But we got a good laugh from just doing this particular short, hopefully you do as well!


  1. bahahahahaahhaahahahahaha....this video makes me miss you so much!

  2. ill be your compadre any day, comandante villa!
    as long as i can have a fur coat too : )