Monday, July 23, 2012

A great big bowl of freedom

Thank you to Kellie and Enrique for setting up this awesome blog, great idea from our MAGIStic media experts! And gratitude to Kaitlyn to being the first to share her life, filled with many flavors of cute! And so now, I tell a story, with the hopes that I hear all of yours…

Once upon a time, it was summer. That time is now.

The summer began with me missing all of you and not knowing what to do with myself, having no MAGIS to define my essence. And not having to pay rent, I found myself able to more cool things by bumming around. So, I took to the road on my noble steed/rolling house.

After a few days of driving and contemplating the universe, a police office left me an expensive love note reminding me that I forgot to register and insure my car (exhibit A below). So I went back to Santa Barbara to get my affairs in order.

The designers of San Clemente were definitely idealists about human nature, because the windows are just begging to be jumped through. Santa Barbara is much too comfortable and I felt it magnetically pulling me back. This window was my front door for about a week or so while I squatted there.

Back on the road, I learned more wonderful gems, such as the fact that cat scrotum sweat is used in fancy perfumes (called by a fancy French word, of course), that new flavors of food dampen the immune system, and that water volleyball kicks ass. I have no more pictures. (I tried to document my travels to share, buuuut it just didn’t work out.) So please enjoy this stock photo of Idyllwild (the place I used to live and returned to camp for awhile), followed by one of my favorite optical illusions, and picture of a baby turtle named snappy.

The most unique experience was probably spending a week at a nudist community (apparently they detest the term “colony” as derogatory, and for good reason, as they are not ants). Alas, I apologize that I have no pictures of myself at the camp, but I think these are an accurate approximation. (Actually, I darethink there are pictures floating around the corners of the interweb of me in my birthday suit riding a mechanical bull…)


I will soon be en route to Texas. I am happy I will be relaxing there after living life in the fast lane in Chicago for a little while with very youthful friends/relatives/old students. Next week, the real adventure begins, as I couchsurf my way around the DR and Haiti.

Oh, and I have been doing research this whole time. Just for the record.

The fortunes have smiled on me for the first few weeks of break, and I hope the same for everyone! I leave you with infinite quantities of love and a double dosing of haiku:

Stare a star, spinning…
What is it you hold on to?
Freedom costs a jump.

Ode to a mullet
Follicles with intention!
Oh, brother squirrel.

: )



  1. Chris! What visions of nudity and ingenuity I had running through my head while reading your blog post! Your summer has been rich in adventure and you haven't even begun the biggest adventure yet! Keep us updated and thanks for the post. (I knew it was going to be good when I heard belly laughs coming from Enrique as he read it). Mucho amor!

  2. A nudist community!!!!! Lol! That's perfect...Did they sympathize with your cause?