Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hello Magis Six,

We've had a month to decompress from our first completed year of grad school and that should be enough time to be at least knee deep in adventures a little more exciting than the grad cave or SSMS 2012, possibly even more exciting than the SSMS bathrooms!

Someone had the brilliant idea (maybe it was Leila or Miranda) to keep a blog style site for us to update each other on bits of our lives while we are away. Please post anything from a single photo to a written entry to a video.

It will be really cool to look back at this record of our lives in about 8 month's time when we are mired in theses (rhymes with 'feces' and I don't think it's accidental). Who knows, reading a record of our highs, lows and learning experiences may provide inspiration when we are feeling like another degree may not be worth all the work a thesis takes.

Hope everyone is doing well wherever they are, and if not let's hope you're adventures are building character at least!

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